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We spoke to young Indian women about their initial sexual experiences. We learnt that initial sexual experiences end with young women feeling insecure, guilty and scared. These emotions remain unspoken, and these problems remain unsolved.

Will you voice your story?

When other women hear their own voice in your story, their courage will grow, and the many stories that have been held inside will come pouring out.

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Which of the following experiences do you resonate with?

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Someone not letting go of a heart

Did you give into sex initiated by your partner as a confirmation of your love towards them? Did you compromise on your own experience for the sake of completing penetration?

Someone reaching out to a star

Did you evaluate your experience against perfect sex? Did you question whether it was the right partner for first sex? Did you accept the pain as a given during first sex?


Did you worry that the pain or bleeding post sex indicated a problem inside? Were you unsure of how your PCOS or any other treatment would be triggered by an emergency pill?


Did you fear someone at the hotel leaking information of your stay? Did you also delay or avoid visiting a doctor to avoid disclosing your sexual activity?

A flower bowing down

Did you feel ashamed of having unprotected sex, or even having sex at all? Or did you only feel ashamed when declaring your sexual activity to others?

A sanitary pad with a drop of blood

Did you fear pregnancy all the way until your periods arrived? Did the fear linger even after a negative result of a pregnancy test kit? Were you looking to be 100% sure?

A pregnancy test kit with a positive result

Did you delay or avoid testing for pregnancy to avoid facing a positive result? Were you afraid you wouldn't be able to manage one?

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How might we can address these unspoken fears?

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